Thursday, October 25, 2012


I am married now! I got married August 4, 2012 and I am so exited to have an amazing man in my life. So much has happened from the last post since its been a LONG COUPLE OF MONTHS. A lot of it was planning for the wedding. So many ideas were thrown out from our friends and family on how our wedding should be. Of course thats what happens everyone has ideas :). In the end we decided a small intimate wedding with family, and close friends. I of course wanted to invite EVERYONE but for those who knows how a wedding event is planned that just couldn't happened especially if a lot of your friends live in another city or state. OH and weddings are expensive. But this woman :) got it done on a low budget... THATS RIGHT! :)
How to have a low budget wedding? One is I made my own invitations and save the dates. Also we made our own decorations for the ceremony and reception. Well actually David's Grandma and mom made a lot of the decorations. I am every thankful for his family. I just helped with what was need. And for my cake. My little sister's fiance's mom makes cakes :). She made our wedding cake and grooms cake. I also bought my dress on sale online at David's Bridal :). We also rented David's tux. Another thing is cutting down on the size of the wedding guest. Its the hardest part but it has to be done. Having a Dj is also cheaper then a live band. Also we had our reception at a local restaurant that closed it down for us :). They provided us a fantastic deal. And for the photographer my best friend and sister-in-law both our photographers so they took pictures for free :). 
I had a fantastic time at my wedding. I hoped everyone that came did as well :)

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