Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This weekend was an exciting and eventful one. I went to Destino Fall retreat for Texas college students. It was fun and exciting and we went to launch a new Destino movement at Texas State. We saw 31 people that weekend pray to receive Christ. Praise the Lord.
As I sit there in the audience and look around the room, I was excited to see Latinos praising the Lord. In fact seeing college students!!! Latinos are going to change the future of America. When I think back on why Destino was even made, I get excited. It is a place where we can be a family and embrace our culture all for the Lord. I like being a Latina. I love having a rich culture. I love enchiladas! My mom makes really good ones. Though one thing I wish is that I am a fluent speaker in Spanish. I can speak and carry a conversation but sometimes my Spanish is not so great..... sad day when that happens. 
Do you ever think about your ethnicity? We ALL have one. What is it that you like about your culture? What is it that you wish you knew more about your culture or other cultures?
I love to know :)