Thursday, February 10, 2011


Porn Nation... eww!!!! This was the reactions we had this past week as we were out on campus passing our fliers and wearing human sandwich boards with words saying Porn Nation really big.
Destino this year hosted a huge event called Porn Nation- The Naked Truth on Monday Feb. 7th. What is Porn Nation you ask? Porn Nation is a multimedia presentation that blends TV, movies, music, and advertising into a presentation designed to help students examine their own attitudes regarding pornography and sexuality. Michael Leahy is a recovering sex addict who tours college campus talking about his experience. He has appeared in television shows like ABC's 20/20 and The View, and newspapers talking about our hypersexual culture and how it impacts our lives. His presentation is a two part, the first part explores the effect that our culture is having on our opinions and attitudes. Then after a 4 minute intermission, the second part is about sexuality and spirituality and he suggest how to develop a healthy relationship and attitudes on sexuality.

Our amazing poster that cause people to tense.
It was a great presentation but the promotion for it on a conservative school was entertaining. We started promoting on campus Wednesday, Feb 2nd. Our mission was to have a huge buzz going around campus, so first task put up posters EVERYWHERE! Next task put a flier in the screen savors that show all across campus on computers. Next write on chalkboards and white boards about our event in all the class rooms. Little by little the buzz was starting. Thursday started the fun stuff.... standing in different locations on campus passing out fliers. But not only were we passing out fliers we were wearing amazing attire.... human sandwich boards :). I was outside in the cold weather wearing an amazing sign. It was great seeing people look at me and give me weird looks. When will I ever have an oppurtunity to ever wear a sign that says PORN lol. Never! Best quote of that day was one guy he stopped and ask me "what is this all about, I have been seeing this all over campus. " Me thinking, YES! It worked we are all over this campus. I proceed int saying that we are having an event on campus about how Porn effects our society. He says "Yes! Porn in America I am there." I thought umm okay whatever gets you there, you go. Though I was entertained by the comments and looks people gave me I was sssoooo cold! The next day we could not publicize :( sad day, due to the crazy winter storm that decided to roll on in the university had canceled classes.  But it was okay. We publicize on Facebook! Thank you social network for your service. We had so many people click our ad that day.

Monday came around and its game day! okay event day :). It was a successful day. A little over 300 people came out to our event. And people loved it! It really did make an impact in peoples lives and made them think about the real definition of Porn is. It is just not the XXX stuff we all know is porn, but in today's society pornagraphic pictures are everywhere and that is what Michael was talking about. It is not on HBO channels like we would think but its on basic cable like MTV and Vh1 and we are watching those channels, Its on shows like the Real World or Jersey Shore. It opened my eyes on what porn is. I am thankful that this event came to A&M and opened college students life's. Another thing is it sure did put Destino on the map on campus :)

If you would like to know more about Michael or Porn Nation go to Also check out the sex survey