Monday, September 27, 2010

Reflecting on Life

Well Hello Friends, 
I was sitting at my kitchen table surfing the internet for another part-time job, getting distracted by facebooking stalking my friends, and I started thinking about my life..... Wow that is a lot of thinking! I am 23 year old out of college and working part-time with a non-profit organization. I was just thinking about all the things I have done in the last 6 years, (I have been to 6 countries!!!!). I asked myself questions.. Did I accomplish what I wanted, would I like to go back to any specific time to have a redo, Did I make great connections with friends that I still have good relationships with, what country would I LIKE to visit next, what DID I learn in college, is Architecture still for me, What have I learned about God, What have I learned about myself? Oh the questions just keep coming... I am super thankful for all the things I have had the opportunity in doing these last 6 years. 
As I think back 6 years ago I was a freshmen in college. Oh to be a freshmen again. I was asked what year would I like to go back to... I immediately answered my freshmen year because I was just out of high school no bills to pay and all I had to do is go to school and learn. No rent due, no phone bill...... just no bills. It was worry free time of the year... well worried about test if I had to cram at the last minute like most of us freshmen who didn't know how to study LOL. But oh man that was a fun year... playing random games in the dorm, making lots of friends, and I also got to help start a movement on campus called Destino. Oh it was fun!!! What fun things did you do your freshmen year of college? 
Well, my life is full of exciting things and I am always up for whatever comes my way. I know that God has an amazing plan for my life and I am just following him. I will go where ever he sends me. 
What are your plans for your life?

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  1. Woooooo... I liked freshman year... The part where everything was still new and exciting and the world was still mine for the taking! Haha...